You do great work for your clients and your business is growing. At the same time, you know that growth creates its own set of challenges and that even the best client experience will fail if you can’t deliver consistently, if the plan is unprofitable or if it is not effectively communicated. You know that to achieve profitable growth, you need to lay a strong foundation.

The Engagement Essentials Program provides you with the roadmap, tools and support to lay that foundation so you can grow efficiently and profitably. By executing on five well-defined actions you will ensure you have the right offer, for the right clients, delivered consistently and profitably and in a way that is clearly understood and valued by clients.

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The Program:

The Engagement Essentials program is built around the 5 Actions that will ensure your client experience is defined, consistent and created to drive growth.

Your Objectives The Actions
Work with clients who energize you and value what you deliver. 1. Define your ideal client
Lay the foundation for a tiered service plan that reflects the value of each client. 2. Segment your clients
Craft a client experience that not only reflects the value of your relationships but supports deeper engagement. 3. Define your client experience
Ensure that your client experience is not only meaningful to clients, but profitable for your business. 4. Assess profitability
Communicate your client experience in order to reinforce the value you provide and manage expectations. 5. Communicate your value

How It Works

For each of the 5 Actions we’ll provide everything you need to execute:

We'll tell you why

We’ll tell you why. Listen to a brief video so you have the context and background you need to take action.

We'll show you how

We’ll show you how. View an on-demand, course that will walk you through each step that you need to take.

We'll give you the tools

We’ll give you the tools. Access templates and tools to ensure you can execute on each step.

We'll create a plan

We’ll create a plan. Create a complete action plan as you work through the program.

We'll support you.

We’ll support you. Feeling stuck? Get in touch and we’ll ensure you break through.


Includes access to content and resources for a full year