As of February 22, the Engagement Edge program is only available through our corporate partners. Contact Reema at to discuss how it can be customized for your advisors.

Your client journey is your single most important driver of client engagement. To be effective, that journey must be co-created with your clients and tailored to their unique needs. None of this happens by accident but when you get it right, you attract exactly the right clients.

The Engagement Edge

By participating in the Engagement Edge program, you'll utilize tactics based on current industry research, to go beyond defining service levels and craft a client journey that helps you stand out and get clients talking about you.

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The Program:

The Engagement Edge program guides you through the 6 actions to drive deeper client engagement and increased referrals.

  1. Define your ideal client.
  2. Actively involve clients in defining an extraordinary client experience.
  3. Create a client journey map that support the needs of your ideal client.
  4. Identify the processes and structures that need to change in order to execute on your client journey map.
  5. Craft a client communications plan that reflects the needs, interests and preferences of your ideal client.
  6. Implement an on-going process to measure success.

Your immediate team is encouraged to participate in the calls so everyone is on the same page.

How It Works

For each of the 5 Actions we’ll provide everything you need to execute:

We’ll take you by the hand

We’ll take you by the hand. Participate in 6 group coaching calls for deeper insights and the support you’ll need as you work through your plan.

We'll show you how

We’ll show you how. View on-demand content that walks you through each step that you need to take.

We’ll connect you with your peers

We’ll connect you with your peers. Access a private group/forum to get valuable ideas and best practices from other advisors participating in the program, and keep each other accountable.

We’ll give you the tools

We’ll give you the tools. Access a workbook, action plan, templates and other tools to ensure you can execute on each step.

We'll support you.

We’ll support you. Feeling stuck? We’ll hold regular online “office hours” so you always know when you can reach us with questions.