Experience and Guidance Matter

In addition to our extensive experience helping thousands of advisors gather and use client feedback, Julie Littlechild and Absolute Engagement are recognized experts in understanding the drivers of client engagement.

Here’s how we can help you:

  1. Focus on guidance. We guide you through the process, but you choose the level of guidance that’s right for you. You’re not alone (unless you want to be).
  2. Your objectives; your survey. Your objectives drive the process and the questions. One size, it turns out, does not fit all.
  3. Averages don’t tell the whole story. Not all clients are created equal, so your analysis lets you understand what your top clients are really thinking.
  4. Insights don’t always lead to action. We provide you with the tools, resources (and motivation) to actively use client feedback in your business.
  5. We help you use client feedback to increase referrals. Enough said.
  6. Your client expectations are the only meaningful benchmark, but we have the most extensive industry benchmark so you can see how your business stacks up.

We Partner with Institutions and Advisors

Absolute Engagement works with both advisors and the broker-dealers, custodians or organizations with which they are aligned. Here’s how we help our Enterprise partners:

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