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Why Do Clients Change Advisors?

According to many advisors I speak with, the only clients that leave are those who have died. And while attrition may not be a big problem in this industry, I have to assume that at least a few clients change advisors without doing so via the funeral home. According to our on-going research, fourteen percent […]

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When Is Client Feedback A Bad Idea?

This is a cautionary tale of how my 6-year-old has the power to influence corporate strategy. It was on a family trip, going through Gatwick airport, when he first realized that his influence extended beyond his exhausted parents. On that day, as we juggled suitcases and security, I turned around to find him repeatedly hitting […]

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A Client Feedback Confession

I have a confession to make. I feel pretty good about the 17-ish years I invested in building Advisor Impact and about my self-appointed role as the champion of gathering and using client feedback. There is, however, one dark cloud hanging over that time which suggests I must have done something wrong and it is, […]

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