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Why Do Clients Change Advisors?

According to many advisors I speak with, the only clients that leave are those who have died. And while attrition may not be a big problem in this industry, I have to assume that at least a few clients change advisors without doing so via the funeral home. According to our on-going research, fourteen percent […]

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Does Target Marketing Make Economic Sense?

I’m a big fan of identifying a target market that reflects your personal passion. I believe that if you get it right you’ll not only increase your level of personal engagement, but drive meaningful growth. It’s fairly obvious why you’d feel more personally engaged, in this scenario.  However, the impact on growth is also very […]

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Death of the “Elevator Pitch”

You’re standing in an elevator and for some reason, instead of staring straight ahead, the person next to you asks you what you do for a living. In a brief moment of panic, you can hear the voices of every manager and trainer who told you that you need an “elevator pitch”. You remember that […]

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