Your Engagement Edge Coaching Program

Your Engagement Edge Coaching Program will help you design a client experience that is not only engaging but makes you a magnet for exactly the right clients. You will have one-on-one guidance to create accountability and in-depth resources and the tools to take action.

The program was developed by Absolute Engagement, drawing on training delivered to thousands of advisors and on-going research among investors to understand what they need, want and expect in an advisory relationship.

The Client Experience Framework

The program provides you with a clear framework to intentionally design a client experience by:

  • Defining who you are designing the client experience to support
  • Laying a strong foundation to ensure you are delivering service profitably and efficiently
  • Actively involving clients in designing the client experience
  • Creating a client journey map to focus you on the right communications, activities and processes
  • Crafting a clear plan to drive action
  • Measuring the impact with your clients

The framework breaks down into 11 defined actions, each of which supports an extraordinary client experience.

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You may find it helpful to evaluate your own client experience based on this framework, and understand the gaps that need to be filled. We’ve created a tool to help you take stock. Click below to download this assessment.

Your Client Experience Assessment

The Coaching Process

  • Accountability. We’ll provide you with the support and accountability you need. Following a kick-off and planning call, you’ll meet with your coach once a month, via web-meeting. Each call is followed by a written summary and recommended actions for the next month.
  • Resources. We’ll provide you with the tools and resources to take action. In addition to working directly with your coach, you’ll have access to an on-line dashboard, accessible by the entire team, which provides you with step-by-step guidance on each topic area, along with the resources, tools and templates to help you take action.

 Program Duration

The duration of the program depends on your needs and the resources you have available to take action. This flexibility ensures that we focus only on the actions that are important for you. There is a minimum commitment of six months and the program can be extended to suit your needs.

The cost of the six-month program is USD$495/CAD$595 per month. When you sign up you are making a six-month commitment with an option to extend.

If you’d like to get started or set a time to discuss the program in more detail please contact Reema Baber (rbaber@absoluteengagement.com).


Julie Littlechild is the program architect and, in conjunction with a senior coach, will provide on-going support through access to new research, insights and Julie Littlechild_smallerbest practices. Julie has worked with and studied successful financial advisors, their clients and their teams for 25 years. Julie sat on the national board of the Financial Planning Association from 2010 – 2013, was twice identified as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Financial Planning by Investment Advisor Magazine, and won the Influencer Award in practice management from Financial Planning Magazine.

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