11 Action Steps to Design an Extraordinary Client Experience

I’m a big believer that you build what you design. For that reason, and for some time, I’ve wanted to provide you a complete framework – or blueprint – for designing a client experience.

It’s a process we work through, in detail, in our corporate programs for advisors, but I’d never outlined the entire process from start to finish in a single article. Until now.

The idea came to life following a conversation with Michael Kitces who, I believe, produces some of the best content in this industry. So when he invited me to write a guest post for his blog, I jumped at the chance.

That post includes everything I want to communicate about the steps you need to take (all 11 of them) to design a client experience that’s not only profitable, but sets you apart. So rather than repeat myself, I’ll invite you to click the link below and read the full post on Michael’s site.

Click here for the full article


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