Webinar: Why Client Journey Mapping is the Secret Weapon of the Most Successful Firms

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Client journey mapping is the secret weapon of the most progressive services organizations, from Ritz Carlton to Apple to Starbucks.  In this masterclass, I will adapt the same strategy these successful brands have been using for years to make it relevant and simple for you and your clients.

In this 60-minute webinar I will:

  • Examine why client journey mapping is a critical strategy if you want to design a client experience that sets you apart
  • Walk through a 4-step process that you can use to enhance your client experience using client journey mapping
  • Reveal how this process creates deeper connection and can be leveraged to drive more referrals

Every participant will receive a game plan to take action.

Webinar details:

November 29, 2018
1:00 pm EST

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