What Your Clients Need: Ideas from the Trenches

Last week I shared some thoughts on the critical leadership role you can play for your clients.

It seemed to strike a nerve. And I was grateful for the notes that so many advisors sent and for those who shared their thoughts, ideas, feelings and fears.

In an ironic twist on isolation, it seems that this is the time for community. And we are a community.

Community not only gives us an outlet, it makes us feel less alone and, just as importantly, it is the source of great ideas and wisdom.

Across this industry (or among those who subscribe to this blog) we have the answers. What we are lacking is a way to share them.

So today, I wanted to support our community by inviting your best ideas and then sharing them back with everyone, so that we all benefit from our collective wisdom. Think of it as a co-created resource guide.

Below is a single question and I’d invite you to share your thoughts before March 22, by entering your response or responses.  At that point our team will summarize all of the ideas and recommendations and share them back with you. The more specific the better!

By sharing one idea, you’ll get so much more in return; just as it is in any community.

I’m not asking for email addresses so will share the results back here.

Thanks, in advance, for your contribution.


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One Response to What Your Clients Need: Ideas from the Trenches

  1. Gerilyn Denny March 20, 2020 at 7:01 pm #

    I like high quality equities right now. Companies with sustainable businesses and rock solid balance sheets. Seems like a big earnings drop is already being baked into many valuations now ahead of analyst estimate reductions. And since the visibility on how long this disruption is going to last is foggy, we’re getting an even more significant repricing and buying opportunity in high quality names. I would avoid any companies with high debt to equity ratios since we probably have credit risk ahead.

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