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Webinar: Why Client Journey Mapping is the Secret Weapon of the Most Successful Firms

Client journey mapping is the secret weapon of the most progressive services organizations, from Ritz Carlton to Apple to Starbucks.  In this masterclass, I will adapt the same strategy these successful brands have been using for years to make it relevant and simple for you and your clients. In this 60-minute webinar I will: Examine why client journey […]

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Why Do So Few Clients Actually Refer?

We like to believe that the reason otherwise satisfied clients don’t refer is because they don’t like to talk about anything even vaguely related to money with the people they know. It turns out that’s true for about 19 percent of clients who don’t refer. And that leaves almost 80% of those clients who provide […]

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Prospecting and the Bad Date Syndrome

Imagine, for a moment, you’re on a date. (If your last one was several decades ago, try and think back). The restaurant is perfect, the food exquisite and your date has, at a minimum, got some real potential. You sit down, engage in some small talk and order your food. Now you’re moving into that […]

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Are Goals Limiting Your Growth?

It’s still January, which means we still have time to plan major breakthroughs for 2018.  For that reason, the theme of the blog has been on goals and there has been some lively debate as to whether traditional goal setting really works.  You heard from yours truly, along with Michael Kitces and Steve Sanduski on […]

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