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Demonstrating Client Leadership

CE-eligible program As the economic and health crisis in 2020 has taken hold, advisors have been forced to answer a set of critical questions in order to provide meaningful leadership and guidance. What do clients need and how that has changed? How is that change impacting clients? What can advisors do to support clients in […]

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Is It OK to Talk About Growth?

Our focus, during this crisis, has naturally been on our clients.  The reality is, however, that we are facing a ‘human crisis’ not a ‘client crisis’. And that means that everything that I’ve suggested, to actively demonstrate leadership with clients, can also help nurture relationships with prospective clients.  After all, they have the same concerns, […]

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Do You Feel Ready to Lead?

My focus, over the last several posts, has been on how you can demonstrate leadership with your clients. But I have a question. What about you? How are you doing? Yesterday, I ran a webinar on the idea of active leadership and you’re welcome to access the replay here. One of the concepts I touched […]

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The Client Leadership Program

As your clients are moving through (and hopefully past) the recent crisis, the investment and planning advice you share with clients may not have changed; we believe, however, that the way in which you need to support and communicate with clients must. The question is how. The Client Leadership Program provides a responsive and personalized […]

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