Hello and welcome.  Thank you for taking the time to learn about this blog about about me.

I’m lucky to have a unique vantage point from which to view the financial services industry.  I’ve been perched here since 1994, conducting on-going research that examines the actions of great advisors, both through the eyes of those advisors and their clients.

Focusing on Absolute Engagement

All of the research I have done to date has led me to focus on a concept I call Absolute Engagement. It is a form of momentum, sparked by the interaction of personal, client and team engagement. It’s a driver of real fulfillment with growth as a happy by-product.

I spend my days examining the drivers and impact of Absolute Engagement and translating that information into tools and resources to help you achieve it. I’m on a quest to create a robust, defensible and proven framework for helping advisors achieve true enagement in all aspects of their business lives.  This blog will document the journey and share the best ideas along the way.  I’ll use new research and analysis and will tap into the minds of thought leaders and top advisors and share all of that in simple, actionable ideas for your business.

Who am I?

Julie-Littlechild-headshot-500wI’m a business owner, speaker and writer.  I’m a wife and mother and, like most people with a business, spouse and child, constantly conflicted as to where I should be and what I should be doing.

I founded If Not Now Research in 2014.  I also founded Advisor Impact in 1994, where I helped to execute a vision that helps financial advisors use feedback from clients to drive deeper client engagement and growth. I have a deep respect for the Financial Planning Association and sat on their national board between 2010 – 2013.  Investment Advisor Magazine was kind enough to name me one of the IA 25 most influential people in financial planning and Financial Planning Magazine gave me the honour of naming me an Influencer in Practice Management.

I live in Toronto, work in the US, UK and Canada and hold an MBA from the University of Toronto.

I think that says it all.  I hope the ideas presented add value and invite you to help me focus the content with your thoughts and ideas.

My best,

Julie Littlechild

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