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Turning Referrals into Introductions

We tie ourselves into knots trying to understand why more of our clients, who clearly love us so much, don’t tell their friends and families about us. I’ve written, at length, about why clients don’t refer and why they do and I believe that understanding the answers to both questions is critically important. What I haven’t […]

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Does Target Marketing Make Economic Sense?

I’m a big fan of identifying a target market that reflects your personal passion. I believe that if you get it right you’ll not only increase your level of personal engagement, but drive meaningful growth. It’s fairly obvious why you’d feel more personally engaged, in this scenario.  However, the impact on growth is also very […]

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How to Increase Referrals in 2017

Each week I’ve shared ideas and research that, I hope, will help you to engage with your work, your clients and your team. And each week you’ve been kind enough to share feedback that let’s me know what working and what’s not – and the encouragement to keep writing. There are also tools, of course, […]

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Position Yourself So Your Clients – and Google – Can Give You Better Referrals

It’s another “blog takeover” this week.  I’m putting the finishing touches on my book this week (so excited) and I asked Stephen Wershing CFP® to share his insights.  Steve has an amazing perspective on what it takes to become referable. He is the President of The Client Driven Practice, a firm that coaches financial advisors how […]

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