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This Just In: New Research on Referability

The data is in.  And yes, you are very likely standing at the base of a mountain of referral opportunity. Clients love you, they tell their friends and you don’t meet most of the people who hear about the great work you do. It’s time to stop the referral madness. The Opportunity (Though the Eyes of […]

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Does Target Marketing Make Economic Sense?

I’m a big fan of identifying a target market that reflects your personal passion. I believe that if you get it right you’ll not only increase your level of personal engagement, but drive meaningful growth. It’s fairly obvious why you’d feel more personally engaged, in this scenario.  However, the impact on growth is also very […]

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Why ‘Having’ a Niche Market Isn’t Enough

If you’re a Seinfeld fan you’ll remember the ‘reservation’ skit. In his unique style, Seinfeld reflects the seething frustration felt by anyone who travels – the fundamental difference between ‘taking’ a reservation and ‘holding’ a reservation. Click here for a walk down memory lane (or if you’re too young to understand the reference). It’s funny […]

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The Niche Market Mindset

It’s accepted wisdom that finding and focusing on a niche market is a good idea. However, when it comes to executing on the strategy it’s harder than it sounds. And, if it isn’t hard, there’s a reasonable chance you don’t have a real niche strategy, rather a preference for certain types of clients. (Not that […]

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