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The Niche Market Mindset

It’s accepted wisdom that finding and focusing on a niche market is a good idea. However, when it comes to executing on the strategy it’s harder than it sounds. And, if it isn’t hard, there’s a reasonable chance you don’t have a real niche strategy, rather a preference for certain types of clients. (Not that […]

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Beware the Honeymoon Effect

There is scientific evidence that some couples experience a ‘honeymoon effect’ in their marriages. Unfortunately, for those impacted, it means the love-induced euphoria is quickly replaced by a rather more harsh reality that has you wondering what happened to the fairy tale. It’s not pretty but, as is often the case, the perils of personal […]

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The Future of Client Engagement

The fact that 91% of clients are satisfied suggests that much of the time you invest in driving satisfaction, while important, makes you precisely as good as almost every other advisor. Sad, but true. Saying that the industry has achieved extraordinary levels of satisfaction, but that it’s simply not enough, is a little like giving advisors […]

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