How to Increase Referrals in 2017

Each week I’ve shared ideas and research that, I hope, will help you to engage with your work, your clients and your team. And each week you’ve been kind enough to share feedback that let’s me know what working and what’s not – and the encouragement to keep writing.

There are also tools, of course, to help me understand what’s really hitting the mark. These tools (like Google Analytics) tell me what’s being read, or shared, most often.  And that adds a little quantitative rigor to the on-going comments you provide.

I can now proclaim that 2016 was the Year of Referral.


Yes there were posts about your goals, your future and your clients, but those about referrals won the day. A quick look at the ‘most clicked’ posts shows all of the top five focusing on how you can drive growth through referrals.

However, if we focused on posts that were ‘shared most often’, then another one moves to second place and it’s one that meant a lot to me. This post was my first introduction to the concept of Absolute Engagement and what it can mean for your business and your life and you can review that by clicking the link below.

If There Is a Magic Bullet, This Is It.

A Referral Round-up

If you’re thinking about how to increase referrals in the next year, here’s a quick summary of the top five posts. (You may also want to check out my new podcast with Steve Wershing called Becoming Referable.)

#1. One Way to Grow Referrals from Centers of Influence

We all struggle with building meaningful and productive relationships with centers of influence. In this post I share a simple tactic that helps you reinforce value in a way that has a meaningful impact on these relationships.

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#2. 10 Things Clients Can Teach You About Increasing Referrals

In this post I examine why clients refer, suggesting this needs to be the starting point for any effective referral strategy.

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#3. When You Do This, Clients are 3x More Likely to Refer

This post examines how working with families can have a substantive impact on referrals, and ideas on making that happen.

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#4. The Single Most Overlooked Referral Strategy

Picking up on the ‘family’ theme, this post examines why multi-generational planning is more about referrals than about asset retention.

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#5. The Real Reason Clients Don’t Refer

This post debunks some of the common myths about why clients don’t refer. By understanding why clients don’t refer, we can understand more about why they do refer.

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In addition to attracting more referrals, I wish you nothing but joy in 2017. I’ll be writing a great deal about what you can do to ensure that the next year – and those that follow – are focused on building a business that supports the life you really want to live. Thank-you so much for your support. I can’t tell you how much it means.

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