Why a Voice of the Client Strategy is About More Than Surveys

It’s no secret that I’m a strong advocate for asking clients for feedback.

At the same time, I think it’s important to recognize that a client survey is just one tactic to support a broader ‘voice of the client’ strategy in your business. As easy as it is to do, when we confuse the tactic (a client survey) with the strategy (voice of the client) we may miss all of the other ways we can actively involve clients.

And, we may miss the fact that it is the strategy that is the true driver of differentiation and success.

What is ‘Voice of the Client’ Research?

Simply stated, Voice of the Client Research (VoC) is focused on creating a formalized process to gather input from clients, in order to design the client experience around their needs, wants and challenges.

While VoC represents a single, over-arching strategy, the methods used to execute on the strategy depend very much on your business and your goals. Those methods may include common approaches to gathering feedback, such as client interviews, focus groups, advisory boards or surveys.

However, VoC can be defined more broadly than direct feedback to incorporate insights from other sources, including website usage patterns, comments on social media, recorded call data and online reviews.

voice of the client tactics_2

And while there are many ways to think about the voice of the client, there are likely a few that will make sense for your business.

To help you understand what a ‘voice of the client’ strategy really is and how you can take action, we’ve released a new ‘Innovation Report’ called ‘Integrating the Voice of the Client in your Business’.  Simply click below, enter your name and email and we’ll send that to you right away.

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